Cancelation Policy to begin March 1, 2021:


  1. You may cancel your swim by EMAIL ONLY to for a 50% refund for any reason. (no cancelations will be accepted by phone) All cancelations must be made by 12pm the day before your swim is to take place. 

  2. Full refunds for medical reasons will still be accepted with a doctors note.

  3. You may cancel day of, but no refunds will be issued. A no show mark will not be placed on that swim.

  4. If you NO SHOW  to a swim:

    1. First offense

      1. You will forfeit your next preregistered swim with no refund.

    2. Second offense

      1. You will forfeit your swims for the remainder of the session with no refund.


The First and Second offenses will restart each session. If you get marks in 2 consecutive sessions your swims will be limited in the future.


We hope these new policies will help get more people in the water. Seeing empty lanes can be discouraging to those who were unable to register for any swims.