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New Staff Area!

I am sure the new hire process is going to be a changeling.  Because of this, I recommend getting everything done ASAP.  TB is usually the longest to get done.  Get in contact with your doctor ASAP as waiting just prolongs it.   Do this on your laptop or desktop, not your mobile phone.  Do this with your parents so it is done correctly!!!


1. TB risk assessment form: You'll need to present a clear TB test that has been verified within the last 60 days. If you are working for another district now, you can bring a copy if it's still valid. TB clearances are valid for four years. Hold onto the clearance and bring it to the intake. Alternatively, you may have your doctor complete the attached TB risk assessment form indicating you are not at risk for TB.  All pages need to be filled out!!!  Get in contact with your Doctor right away!!

2. Fingerprints (livescan)- The fingerprint form is attached, along with some places where you can go to get them done. You can go anywhere that does livescan e.e UPS, FedEx.... For Type of License put Classified Substitute. Link of current sites that are open:

3.  AUSD Forms (via informedk12):

A-District Application 

B-Employment forms 

D-W-4 forms

E-DE-4 form

F-    I-9

4.  Work Permit:

A.  Albany High School students: Work Permit not required.

B.  Non-Albany students FILL THIS out and bring it to your school counselor.

5.  Receipt of AAC staff manual, we only want the last page signed.

6.  Turn in your availability HERE.

7.  If you want direct deposit so you do not have to pick up the check at the pool on payday, you will need to email and Drew with the following: 

-A check that has written VOID on it


-Get a direct deposit form from your bank.  <--Easiest, email/contact your bank.


8.  When you meet with Drew on your first day, you will need to bring A or B and C.

9.  If you want to sign a meal waiver, you can HERE.  

10.  Once all the above are complete, please submit it HERE.

Important links and information:

- Payroll schedule (When you get paid!!)

- Apple Retirement plan

- Sick leave policy

- We use WhentoWork for scheduling, you will get a login once all is complete.

Please DO NOT use the APP, it does not show everything.  

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