Welcome Back

3 new rules starting 12/7:

1. All patrons must enter the facility through the side gates by the basketball courts.

2. All patrons must exit the facility through the side gates by the diving blocks.

3. No patrons are allowed inside the facility unless they need to use the emergency bathroom.


Please be respectful of those around you and wear your masks at all times not in the pool.

The following rules will be enforced:

  • Line up outside the front doors on the labeled spots

  • COVID Screening will be mandated upon entry

  • Participants must social distance before entering the pool and wear a mask at all times not in the water

  • All belongings are to be kept in the hula-hoop provided by each lane

  • You may only enter and exit the water from the side of the pool with the blocks

  • No deck changing is allowed

  • Must leave as soon as swim is over from exit doors behind the lifeguard stand

  • No restrooms or locker rooms are available for use

Welcome to the Albany Aquatic Center

The mission of the Albany Aquatic Center is to promote healthy lifestyle and development through knowledge of swimming and water fitness principles. Our goal at the Albany Aquatic Center is to provide a safe environment of fun and fitness opportunities for Albany students and  community.

Check out our Twitter feed for up to date facility information.

We will post once we have reached capacity or if a staff member is late and we are delayed opening the facility on time.

Click on the link below. If you are not a Twitter member, you may just click on our logo and it will take you to our Twitter page for updates.

Contact us

1311 Portland Ave.

Albany, CA 94706


Tel: (510) 559-6640

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