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spring 2020

february 24- april 4

Registration Dates
Residents: Jan. 27
Non-Residents: Feb. 3

presummer 2020

April 13-May 23

Registration Dates
Residents: March 16
Non-Residents: March 23

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Tiny Tots
Our Tiny Tot classes promote early adjustment to the aquatic environment, providing a solid foundation for your child's first years. Weekly classes will help your child achieve new milestones and become prepared for more advanced challenges during their stages of growth. An adult must accompany each child enrolled in the class.
(Ages 6 months-5 years)
Aqua Tots Level 1 (Tadpole)
A level with a focus on underwater submersion and exploration, students will gain confidence in blowing bubbles, supported floats and glides, and basic arm and leg coordination.
(Ages 3-5)
Aqua Tots Level 2 (Frogs)
This class focuses on guiding students to independently bob, float, glide, and move on their front and back using coordinated arm and leg motion.
(Ages 3-5)
Youth Level 1 (Seahorse)
Students will be introduced to water safety rules, submersion, bobbing, unassisted front floats, back floats, basic arm and leg coordination, and supported rolling from front to back.
(All ages up to 14)
Youth Level 2 (Jellyfish)
Introduction to treading water, unassisted front and back glides and basic front and back stroke movements and unsupported rolling from front to back and back to front.
(All ages up to 14)
Youth Level 3a (Alligator)
Introduction to front crawl with side breathing, back crawl,
elementary backstroke, sitting dives and dolphin kick, and treading
water while adjusting to deep water.
(All ages up to 14)
Youth Level 3b (Crocodile)
Continued stroke improvement and endurance in front and back crawl,
progression into kneeling dives, and preparation for butterfly,
students will spend increased amounts of time in deep water.
(All ages up to 14)
Youth Level 4 (Sea Turtle)
Introduction to breaststroke and scissors kicks, single-arm butterfly, kneeling dives, with continued improvement in the front and back crawl.
(All ages up to 14)
Youth Advanced (Dolphin)
Introduction to sidestroke, butterfly, standing dives, starts and turns and lap swim etiquette, with refinement of breaststroke, front and back crawl technique while building endurance.
(All ages up to 14)
Pre Swim Team (Orca)
Through drills for stroke refinement and workouts to improve endurance,
the Pre-Swim Team focuses on competitive stroke mechanics and competition skills such as starts and turns. Classes are 45
minutes long, providing students an opportunity to test the waters before fully committing to a swim team.
(All ages up to 14)
Adapted Aquatics (Seal)
Adapted Aquatics is designed for children and adults with neurological, developmental, and cognitive challenges. Lessons are taught in a quiet setting that will enable them to focus.
Youth Private Lessons
Work one-on-one with an instructor. Lessons are customized for individuals with various needs and abilities.
(All ages up to 13)
Teen/Adult Private Lessons
Work one-on-one with an instructor. Lessons are customized for individuals with various needs and abilities.
(Ages 14 and up)
Teen/Adult Group Lessons
Group lessons for teens and adults. Classes will be divided by skill level.
(Ages 14 and up)
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