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Upcoming swim sessions

Fall 3: 11/14-12/17  Currently enrolling

Winter 1: 1/3-2/16

Enrolment dates:

Resident: 12/12@7pm (originally 12/5)

 Non-resident: 12/13@7pm (originally 12/6)

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Swim Lessons are indoors, the indoor pool is well ventilated and there is lots of room.

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Swim Lessons Descriptions and registration links are below (name of class):

TINY TOTS LEVEL 1 (Guppies) 
Prerequisite: Must be 6 month of age on the first day of class.
Ages  .6-2 years (10:1)
Guppies provide a fun environment for kids to expand their water skills and learn to swim with an instructor.  Lots of songs and games. 
Must be accompanied by an adult.
Exit age: 2 years old

TINY TOTS LEVEL 2 (Guppies) 
Prerequisite: Must be 2 years of age on the first day of class.
Ages  2 –4 years (10:1)
Guppies provide a fun environment for kids to expand their water skills and learn to swim with an instructor.  Lots of songs and games. 
Must be accompanied by an adult.
Exit age: 3 years old

AQUA TOTS LEVEL A (Tadpoles)   (formerly Aqua Tot 1)
Prerequisite: The child must be comfortable entering the water without parents
Ages 3-5 years old (4:1)
An introductory level with a focus on underwater submersion and exploration, students will gain confidence in blowing bubbles, supported floats and glides, and basic arm and leg coordination. Tadpoles will learn through fun and engaging exercises. The goal of this level is to become comfortable enough to submerge on their own.
Exit skill: Going comfortable underwater.

AQUA TOTS LEVEL B  (Frogs) (Formerly Aqua Tot 2) 
Prerequisite: Comfortable in the water and able to bob independently.
Ages 3-5 years old (4:1)
Frogs start supported and then progress into guiding students to independently float, glide, kick and swim freestyle.
Exit Skill: Launch/streamline to the instructor 5 feet.

YOUTH LEVEL 1 (Seahorse) 

Prerequisite: Launch/streamline to the instructor 5 feet or is 5 years or older.

Ages:  3.5-13 (5:1)

An introductory level teaching the progressions of freestyle. Students will learn to front float, glide, streamline kick and swim freestyle as well as learn to back float.  

Exit skill: Freestyle arms 10 feet with 10 seconds of back floating.

YOUTH LEVEL 2 (Jellyfish)

Prerequisite: Successfully complete youth L1 or Freestyle arms 10 feet with 10 seconds of floating on their back.

Ages:  3.5-13 (5:1)

Jellyfish builds on what was learned in Level 1. Now we take the freestyle and add in how to breath while swimming using Pancakes (flipping to back ). Students will also learn backstroke.  

Exit Skill: Swim Freestyle arms and backstroke 15 feet with resting on back multiple time.

YOUTH LEVEL 3A (Alligator) 

Prerequisite: Ability to swim freestyle and backstroke for 15 feet with pancakes (floating on back).

Ages:  3.5-13 (5:1)

Students will learn to turn their pancakes into side breaths with the ability to take it 15 feet successfully. Focus on technique and quality breaths. 

Exit Skill: 15 yards with side breathing.

YOUTH LEVEL 3B(Crocodile) 

Prerequisite:15 yards with side breathing with an understanding of backstroke and elementary backstroke.

Ages:  3.5-13 (6:1)

Crocodiles will work on building the endurance it takes to swim across a 25-yard pool safely with good technique. They will also be introduced to deep water.

Exit Skill: 25 yards freestyle and backstroke.

YOUTH LEVEL 4 (Sea Turtle) 

Prerequisite: Swim 25 yards of freestyle with side breathing and backstroke with good technique and endurance. Must be deep water safe.

Ages:  4-13 (6:1)

Turtles focus on breaststroke and building more on the endurance from 3b. Class is taught entirely in deep water 

Exit Skill:  breaststroke 25 yards with a correct kick and 50 yards freestyle with open turns.


Prerequisite: 25 yards of Breast Stroke, Freestyle, and Back Stroke.

Ages:  4-13 (8:1)

Dolphins will learn Side Stroke, and the final stroke of butterfly and build the endurance and fine-tune stroke for swim team.

Exit Skill: 25 yards of great breast stroke and butterfly.


Prerequisite: Ability to swim all strokes correctly with good endurance for up to 4 laps at a time.

Ages:  5-13 (12:1)

Students will learn swim team terms and proper swim etiquette. Practice will consist of a workout set with corrective feedback further improving on skills.


Prerequisite: Child must be comfortable being in the water with an instructor and no parent.

Ages  13 and younger

Privates give you the ability to work on specific goals for your child. This is a one-on-one class.


Ages  14 and UNDER

Adapted Aquatics Adapted Aquatics is a program designed for children and adults with neurological, developmental, and cognitive challenges. This program is a great introduction to water and its benefits. Participants are introduced to the water gradually through instructor-assisted open swim and then transitioned into instructor-led activities in a quiet setting that will enable them to focus.


Ages  14 and older (6:1)

Learn to swim with fellow teen/adults in a nonjudgmental and encouraging environment. Participants will work individually with the instructor as well as have activities in a group setting.


Ages  14 and older

Privates give you the ability to work on specific goals for your needs. This is a one on one class