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Saturday 1: June 18-July 9 currently in session                   Tue/TH AM 1: June 14-Jul 7 - currently in session                   


Summer 2 (m-th): June 27-July 7 

- currently in session 


Summer 3 (m-th): July 11-July 20:

- R: 06/20

- NR: 06/21

  Tue/TH AM 2 (tentative): Jul 12-Aug 4


-NR: 06/22

Saturday 2: July 16-Aug 6   

-R: 6/27

-NR: 6/28

Summer 4 (m-th): July 25-Aug 4

-R: 7/5

-NR: 7/6

Summer 5 (m-th): Aug 8-Aug 11

-R: 07/10

NR: 07/11


Group class cost:

R=Resident of Albany / NR= not resident of Albany

Session (M-TH) 1, 3, 4,  (8 classes)    R $144  /  NR $168

Session 2 (M-TH) no July 4 (7 classes)    R $126 / R $147

Sessions Sat 1/2, AM 1/2 T/Th, M-TH 5 (4 classes)   R $72  /  NR $84

TINY TOTS LEVEL  1 (Minnow) 
Ages  6 months to 2 years (12:1): 
Tiny Tots promote early adjustment to the aquatic environment, providing a solid foundation for your child's first years. Must be accompanied by an adult.
Prerequisite: Child must be 6 months of age on first day of class.

TINY TOTS LEVEL 2 (Guppies) 
Ages  2 –4 years (12:1)
Guppies provides fun environment for kids to expand their water skills and learn to swim with an instructor. Must be accompanied by an adult.
Prerequisite: Must be 2 years of age on first day of class.

AQUA TOTS LEVEL 1 (Tadpoles) 
Ages 3-5 years old (4:1)
An introductory level with a focus on underwater submersion and exploration, students will gain confidence in blowing bubbles, supported floats and glides, and basic arm and leg coordination. Tadpoles will learn through fun and engaging exercises. The goal of this level is to become comfortable enough to submerge on their own.
Prerequisite: Child must be comfortable entering water without parents

Ages 3-5 years old (4:1)
Frogs starts supported and then progresses into guiding students to independently float, glide, kick and swim freestyle.
Prerequisite: Comfortable in the water and able to bob independently.

Youth Level 1 (Seahorse) 
Ages  13 and younger (5:1)

An introductory level teaching the progressions of freestyle. Students will learn to front float, glide, streamline kick and swim freestyle as well as learn to back float.  
Prerequisite: Comfortable entering the water without a parent. No skills needed


Ages  13 and younger (6:1)

Dolphins will learn the final stroke of butterfly and build the endurance and fine tune stroke for swim team.

 Prerequisite: Breaststroke must have correct kick and timing along with the ability to swim 2 laps of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke


Ages  13 and younger (10:1)

Students will learn swim team terms and proper swim etiquette. Practice will consist of a workout set with corrective feedback further improving on skills.

 Prerequisite :Ability to swim all strokes correctly with good endurance for 4 laps at a time.


Ages  13 and younger

Privates give you the ability to work on specific goals for your child. This is a one on one class.

 Prerequisite: Child must be comfortable being in the water with an instructor and no parent


Ages  14 and UNDER

Privates give you the ability to work on specific goals for your needs. This is a one on one class


Ages  14 and older

Privates give you the ability to work on specific goals for your needs. This is a one on one class


Ages  14 and older (6:1)

Learn to swim with fellow teen/adults in a nonjudgmental and encouraging environment. Participants will work individually with the instructor as well as have activities in a group setting.