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Camp aquatique 

Aqua Camp est l'ultime expérience de camp de jour et de natation. Chaque jour, les participants effectueront une rotation à travers une variété d'activités de natation et de terre ferme. Les campeurs recevront au moins 45 minutes de cours de natation par jour. Les autres activités du camp comprennent  activités manuelles, jeux, baignade libre et cours de sécurité aquatique.


Les participants doivent apporter un sac à lunch, une collation supplémentaire, un maillot de bain, une serviette et une paire de baskets en classe tous les jours.

JR Lifeguard Camp (registration link)emphasizes Teamwork, Leadership, and Aquatic Safety while introducing young people to safe marine and aquatic recreation opportunities. The program is designed to provide quality water safety education while improving young people's physical conditioning, their understanding and respect for the environment, and their respect for themselves, their parents, and their peers. Students of all abilities and skill levels may participate.


Participants must have passed Youth L4, or safe in the deep end, and ages 10-14.

Participants must bring a sack lunch, extra snack, swimsuit, towel, and a pair of sneakers to class daily.

2024 summer JR LG camp dates: weekly 6/10-8/9


Counselor-in-Training (CIT) will work alongside camp staff and learn the day-to-day operations of camp and what it takes to be employed at Albany Aquatic Center. The program will develop your child’s leadership skills through training, observation and practice. CITs will be assigned to a specific group each week and have a chance to immerse themselves in that age group. CITS are expected to participate in and assist with camp activities, help supervise campers at all times, work under the supervision of the Camp Leader and help provide a fun, positive and safe experience for campers. AAC's goal for our CITS is to make friends, learn leadership skills, and enjoy a summer with AAC! When it comes time to apply as a Lifeguard or Swim instructor, our CITs definitely have a leg up on other applicants.  **Must possess YL5 or above, or have taken JR Lifeguard previously to be a CIT, Ages 13-15**   

We expect to take 2 or 3 CITs per session of camp which are weekly 6/10-8/9.  

Those that are interested, should fill out an application HERE.

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